What's better?  Should we live a life of SUCCESS or a life of SIGNIFICANCE?  We all chase success at one time or another.  Trying to UP our status or followers on social media. Trying to get that job or company to work with us! Trying to increase our salary or net worth but what is more important?  A life being successful or a life of significance?  I have not always been successful at too many things and when I was...I wasn't successful forever.  It came in a season!  Same goes for being unsuccessful.  I didn't stay there forever.  I am beginning to think and maybe you are too that living a life of significance is better, stronger and makes more of an impact then chasing after greed, money, fame, net worth, popularity?  On January 31st of this year, my grandmother passed away.  She was 95 years old!  She stayed in her home that her and my late grandfather bought in  January 1940!  Same house for the ENTIRE time they were married.  They added on the house 2 times!  In later years when you talked with her, you would hear such phrases as "I am just blessed" "I have been so fortunate".  To tell the truth, WE, her family were the ones who were blessed and fortunate!  She passed away from congestive heart failure.  She was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a mother in law, a grandmother, a great grandmother.  Her mother died when she was a pre teen and she had to step in and take care of her siblings with her Dad. She made an impact in 95 years in many peoples lives.  In every role she was asked to assume. She led and loved and fulfilled that role each time so as not to disappoint.  She lived a life of significance.  She led by example. I think living for significance maybe more satisfying than success!   Marjorie Stone Davenport would probably say so!


Discouraged with VO?

I started doing VO work in 1989 when I got the radio station vo gig with a small low powerFM station in Alabama.  Things have changed a lot since then. One of the things I have noticed is that like in life, there are good seasons and bad seasons.  Times when YOU are the FRUIT of the month.  You possess what everyone wants and then there are times when no one wants the TALENT you have.  I think today the ONLINE pay to play sites are a waste of time.  Too many people going after TOO few jobs.  If you are new to VO. Don't waste your time or effort.Hit up the local advertising agy in your market and the Audio OR Video production houses in your town.  Get friends with producers  at radio stations and TV stations. Offer to voice a spot for FREE!  Ladies?  Listen up.  The market is WIDE OPEN for great female voice talent.You have a chance and opportunity like no other time to excel and do great things in VO. I also would say that there is a large shortage of good Urban female talent Too! Especially in radio voice over imaging.  THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY right now.  Strike while the IRON  is hot!  Find out who the radio station program directors are in your market and HAND deliver a demo to them!  The email with mp3 will get deleted or land in spam filter.  The package will get thrown in the trash but a hand delivered demo with personable handshake will have more impact!  Hope you have a successful 2017 in voice over.


Through out my life I have seen many incidents of FAVORITISM. I have been on the receiving end of favoritism and I have been "on the outside lookin in" as well.  It is defined as the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.  I can recall those child hood experiences in sports where the coach's son or daughter was on the team and was allowed to be first string or the quarter back or the pitcher.  Maybe you have some of those experiences too.  What about on the JOB or in your career?  Seen examples of those too?  I am in voiceover and I have been both hiredand dismissed as a VO person for this reason. In the bible in Genesis, the story of Joseph is told and how he was his fathers "favorite". His brothers disliked him so that they just made him a slave and sold him!  Later on Joseph became 2nd in command of a nation and later the ruler.  His brothers who hated and sold him because he was the favorite were afraid he wouldretaliate against him.  Joseph showed kindness and generosity and said, What you meant for bad, God used for good!  Let's watch out for favoritism in our lives and deal with it accordingly.

How I can help you with Voicing your project!

I have been doing voiceover since 1989. I pride myself on working with many different clients around the U.S. & Canada. I even have had a client or two in Israel and Pakistan.  I pride myself on offering affordable rates for top shelf quality work. I am easy to get along with and I never want to mis treat a client or ad agency that I might work with. If you need a consistent, quality professional voice with experience that eagerly wants to help you with YOUR vo project then, I feel I am your guy!   I have lots of experience in radio and tv 15,30 & 60sec advertising spots. I have lots of experience with E Learning, short narration and IVR voice projects.  I also have over 30 years of experience with radio imaging both as a voice talent AND a audio producer. Much of the audio that is on this website I produced. I can send you examples of my work too upon request.  I would love to have the opportunity to voice and OR produce your project today!

Let me see if I can help you with your voiceover projects !  Thanks for your time. God Bless.

John Davenport

Talking with a legend!

Today I had the pleasure of talking by phone with legendary narrator and voiceover legend, Peter Thomas.  Mr Thomas has been a national voice for Coca Cola, American Express among others and was the narrator for the tv show Forensic Files.  He is approaching 90 and still works every day.  He let me in on a secret of his success... He said that his Welsh minister father told him that when he reads aloud to try to visualize the pictures as you read.  He said he still does that today. He said that loves it! I commented to him that he still has the magical sound even today.

Sadly he remarked that his wife of 68 years was very ill so please remember him in your prayers. This was very nice of Mr Thomas to call me and I will never forget that few minutes that he contributed to me and my career.  His advice was for me to keep reading aloud every day!

NOTE- Sad to report that Mr Thomas passed away in May of 2016. I was real lucky to talk to such a terrific talent person who used their time, talents so well on this earth. I hope his son Peter Thomas Jr will write a book on his famous father.