Talking with a legend!

Today I had the pleasure of talking by phone with legendary narrator and voiceover legend, Peter Thomas.  Mr Thomas has been a national voice for Coca Cola, American Express among others and was the narrator for the tv show Forensic Files.  He is approaching 90 and still works every day.  He let me in on a secret of his success... He said that his Welsh minister father told him that when he reads aloud to try to visualize the pictures as you read.  He said he still does that today. He said that loves it! I commented to him that he still has the magical sound even today.

Sadly he remarked that his wife of 68 years was very ill so please remember him in your prayers. This was very nice of Mr Thomas to call me and I will never forget that few minutes that he contributed to me and my career.  His advice was for me to keep reading aloud every day!

NOTE- Sad to report that Mr Thomas passed away in May of 2016. I was real lucky to talk to such a terrific talent person who used their time, talents so well on this earth. I hope his son Peter Thomas Jr will write a book on his famous father.