Through out my life I have seen many incidents of FAVORITISM. I have been on the receiving end of favoritism and I have been "on the outside lookin in" as well.  It is defined as the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.  I can recall those child hood experiences in sports where the coach's son or daughter was on the team and was allowed to be first string or the quarter back or the pitcher.  Maybe you have some of those experiences too.  What about on the JOB or in your career?  Seen examples of those too?  I am in voiceover and I have been both hiredand dismissed as a VO person for this reason. In the bible in Genesis, the story of Joseph is told and how he was his fathers "favorite". His brothers disliked him so that they just made him a slave and sold him!  Later on Joseph became 2nd in command of a nation and later the ruler.  His brothers who hated and sold him because he was the favorite were afraid he wouldretaliate against him.  Joseph showed kindness and generosity and said, What you meant for bad, God used for good!  Let's watch out for favoritism in our lives and deal with it accordingly.