Discouraged with VO?

I started doing VO work in 1989 when I got the radio station vo gig with a small low powerFM station in Alabama.  Things have changed a lot since then. One of the things I have noticed is that like in life, there are good seasons and bad seasons.  Times when YOU are the FRUIT of the month.  You possess what everyone wants and then there are times when no one wants the TALENT you have.  I think today the ONLINE pay to play sites are a waste of time.  Too many people going after TOO few jobs.  If you are new to VO. Don't waste your time or effort.Hit up the local advertising agy in your market and the Audio OR Video production houses in your town.  Get friends with producers  at radio stations and TV stations. Offer to voice a spot for FREE!  Ladies?  Listen up.  The market is WIDE OPEN for great female voice talent.You have a chance and opportunity like no other time to excel and do great things in VO. I also would say that there is a large shortage of good Urban female talent Too! Especially in radio voice over imaging.  THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY right now.  Strike while the IRON  is hot!  Find out who the radio station program directors are in your market and HAND deliver a demo to them!  The email with mp3 will get deleted or land in spam filter.  The package will get thrown in the trash but a hand delivered demo with personable handshake will have more impact!  Hope you have a successful 2017 in voice over.