Starting in 1984, John began a successful journey in radio broadcasting, as on-air talent. Later, as a radio production director for some of the largest broadcast companies in the U.S. His  V.O. career began in 1989 with small market radio station  in a small North Alabama town. Other V.O. work has included radio stations from Nebraska, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Florida and also Canada.  John has performed television V.O. in South Carolina, Ohio, Kansas, Florida, Alabama, and California. He's   also performed V.O. narration for University of Alabama in Birmingham, "Eye Foundation". John has also done audio book narration for Rick Hughes Ministries (Cropwell, Alabama) and Glenn Shepard (Nashville, Tennessee). John can be heard on the "Interstate Sportsman" ( John resides in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife Betty, and his son, Jakob. John feels grateful to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the gifts and blessings he experienced in his life thus far.